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About Us
Lolrs mascot for about us section is a image collection site, dedicated to finding cool, new, and funny images around the internet. We've built lolrs with the ability for us to quickly add new, large albums of images. This allows us the keep the site packed with new images as often as possible. Small albums range from 10 to 20 images, while large albums can have multiple thousands. We've built Lolrs with some of the most sleek, and latest web technologies to keep it running smoothly, and looking awesome.

We've put in overtime to create awesome share pages for images. These share pages contain the fullsized version of images for you to share, and easily allow access back to the full site, where that image is stored on Lolrs. We've even included slideshows for all image albums to allow easy, automatic viewing of an entire album without interaction. This can be especially useful while eating or simply kicking back.

Upon registration, Lolrs allows you to favorite, and comment on images, and even favorite entire albums. You can also subscribe to lolrs through email, to receive updates whenever we add new pics or to just receive random ones each day.

Lolrs is designed with minimal ad interference in mind, to keep your attention on images, not ads. If you run adblocker though, we plead with you to check out our donation page to help us keep the servers running. This helps all our sites, and keeps us working hard to provide new, and innovative services.

We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet. Now sit back and relax, while we show you some funny, and cool images.